December 30, 2010

Tour de Shimla (Shimla, Fagu, Kufri)

(This sunrise was on 26-Dec-2010. At -5deg celcius woking up at 6a.m was different experience)
Local people at Kufri
Look carefully there is a hotel in the middle of this valley. It is where I stayed (Fagu 22km away from Shimla)
Early morning a Thenir at -5deg celcius in this Fagu valley. Humming songs.  Monologue with ppl virtually (as in Robo) :-))

The snow capped mountains that could be seen are the Nanda Devi ranges of Himalayas (Last year I have been very near to Nanda Devi (at Auli))

 It was initially bit unbelievable. Check out the reach of SUN DIRECT.

 I hope "we" should be also singing our songs in that Transmission line . (You get all Nishabdham there only)

 Belive me, This is one of the places were I took a sunrise. Didnt even think there would be these many houses in that valley.

 Kali Temple at the end of Mall Road, Shimla

 (Formerly) Viceroy Village and Rastrapathi Niwas. Currently Indian Inst. Advanced Sciences.

 About to leave to Kalka (This train is best only in the morning hours)

September 11, 2010

Thirumalai Naayakkar Mahal

Thirumalai Naayakkar Mahal is one of the finest palaces in South India. Thiruamalai Naayakkar Mahal is in the heart of the Madurai city. This is my second visit to this place. Recently it has been renovated to give a bright look. For tourists an info, there is a Jigardhanda Ice-cream shop (a 2-3min walk from this place). This Jigardhanda is a unique ice-cream available only in this shop in Madurai. 

(Thirumalai Naayakar)

(Stout Pillars)

(இவன் மகான் அல்ல - He is not Mahatma)