June 11, 2012

Again at Athirappilly Falls on my birthday

I celebrated my 28th birthday (on 9th June), rather in an unusual way, as a nomad travelling around Kerala. First I went to Guruvayoor to seek the blessings of Lord Guruvaayoorappan (Krishna) and Mammiyoor's Lord Mahadevan (Siva) and Thriprayaar's Lord Ramanamaswamy. Then I went to Athirappilly falls. 

Athirappilly falls is one of my favorite destinations. This visit, my third, to Athirappilly falls was simply rejuvenating. This time, the timing was perfect, monsoon has just started and the water in the falls was adequate. My previous visits to Athirappilly happened in peak monsoon, hence I could not view the falls from the bottom. But this time I could view the falls from the bottom. And luckily the clouds were gracing the spot beautifully. The view was spectacular. The rocky landscape mountain plus the river were simply majestic. Whatever may be the lack of words, Athirappilly falls is truly spectacular.  A must visit kind. 

I would recommend everyone to visit Athirappilly in the first week of June (onset of Monsoon). If it is on a weekend you might feel bit crowded. If you are going with your fiance/spouse alone you will "feel" a lot more than me :-) 

In short, my 29th year started beautifully.