July 07, 2012

Happy Tanabata Day 2010

July 7 2010 - still fresh in me. In Gurgaon, it was in me. It was raining heavily. The roads were jammed at Plot 314. Amidst flooded roads, I went down to search for biscuits . But I could not get it. Came back. A brilliant idea flashed. Maggi!!! Then we went down, had a walk - ecstasy. From Route 4 bus near the Tea shop to Plot-314, for me, it looked like a runway in heaven. The moment I said Maggi, that bright face fresh from wet rain, sparkling eyes, the black hair giving a clean look + the child like enthusiasm for Maggi - it was serene. Went in search for Maggi @ Plot-314 cafeteria. There was a huge demand. Came back. Ten minutes later, approached once again. Got it. Maggi!! I was just telling myself - Unlike at college canteens, have it slowly. Yummy Maggi it was. Both of us enjoyed it. Yummiest Maggi I have had in my life! Wanted to tell what I had for the last two days in me.  But to live the present, I deliberately procrastinated it and didn't tell it. And went back to the bus and waited for another 2 hours for the roads to clear. And we chatted a lot that day. Best day in my life!

நினைவென்னடி பெண்ணே நீ இல்லாமல் 
நிலைகுளைந்துள்ளேன் நீ இல்லாமல்
நீர்வீழ்ச்சியாய் என்மேல் பாய்வாய்
நில்லாமல் என்னுடன் பேசுவாய் 
நித்திரை தனை தருவாய் 
நின்கதியாய் நான் உள்ளேன் மறவாதே 

Happy Tanabata Day. My wish for this Tanabata day is next Tanabata should be like 2010.