October 28, 2012

Life is short but Love is big

I felt to write a small blog about one of my favorite poems from Kurunthokai - a compilation of poems from Tamil Sangam Literature. 

18. குறிஞ்சி - தோழி கூற்று 
வேரல் வேலி வேர்க்கோட் பலவின் 
சாரல் நாட செவ்வியை ஆகுமதி 
யாரஃ தறிந்திசி னோரே சாரல் 
சிறுகோட்டுப் பெரும்பழந் தூங்கி யாங்கிவள் 
உயிர்தவச் சிறிது காமமோ பெரிதே. 

Literature: Kurunthokai
Song#: 18
Region: Mountain Slopes
Said by: A girl
Author: Kapilar

O man of the mountain slopes
where the jack fruit tree has fruit almost on its roots
with the small live bamboo for its fences,
be of good thoughts and think of marriage.
No one knows of her state.
She’s like those other trees on the slopes,
their giant jacks hanging
from slender boughs;
her breath is short,
and her love great beyond bearing.
Translated by A.K.Ramanujan

Meaning: (A girl says to her friend)
Girl says that her lover is from the region of mountain slopes where jackfruit trees that bear fruits near roots are fenced using bamboos. She beautifully gives a brilliant imagery here. Much like a huge fruit on a slender tree, my life is insignificant, my love is immeasurable. Her love is increasing and she should be married at right time else she would die. "Does her lover understands this ?" , she questions her friend. This poem stands out for the phrase "சிறுகோட்டுப் பெரும்பழந்" (Much like a huge fruit on a slender tree).

Hope you enjoyed this poem.

Celebrate Love!

னந்தல் ஆடேல்.
Meaning: Dont sleep for long duration

October 07, 2012


I am romancing with this beautiful yellow Lily flower in my room on a wonderful Sunday evening. Its's fragrance is  pleasant and soothing :-)

என்னை மயக்குகிறது
எங்கு இருக்கிறாள் அவள் 
உனக்காக நான் வாங்கிய பூக்கள்
என்னுடன் வாடுகின்றன
பூக்களை வாடவிடாதெ 

Meaning: Follow the words of scholars.