March 24, 2013

Gandhi - The Story of My Experiments with Truth

Generally, when I read books, I don't read with much expectations or excitement. I read them just for reading. But, I am starting with a book now with lots of excitement. I am not a judge, but I have divergent views on Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi and his leadership. But, in recent times, by hearing and reading articles, I have started seeing more positives in Gandhi and his way of life. My Chemistry professor, Dr Seetharaman who I know for last 15 years and, for me, he is my God Father, many times said me I follow Gandhi principles (eating Parle-G biscuits, Groundnut-jaggery cakes/chikki) I didn't take them seriously. Even though he earned well, yet, I have found his house to be following a very very a minimalistic style. But those days I didn't realise. Only in recent times, when I was thinking, I did realize it was Gandhian way of living. So these observations gave me more drive to read his autobiography. It is "Gandhi - The Story of My Experiments with Truth". This book (translated from Gujarathi) is an autobiography by Mahathma Gandhi. I am not reading this book to become a Mahatma but to digest the message. And, I hope, I get much needed insights, essence for me and my self.

My reading so far; how it started; who made it?

I am not an avid reader. I didn't had any reading habit when I passed my college in 2005.  I was more afraid of the jargons and vocabularies used. But my friend Lourdu Xavier who showed me a way that I should "travel" and enjoy. I started with an epic novel Ponniyin Selvan in Tamil. What more best novel can I ask to start with. I had only competed first part by end of 2005. After which I travel across places which gave me junk reasons to procrastinate. But some of wonderful friends, namely Balasubramani Arunachalam, MPC, Rajesh Sundarraj, Shankar S, Sundaresan KM, RT, Nagamani Raajan, AM and of course Lourdu Xavier, -colleagues inspired me with their wonderful language and maturity. And I could sense well that they are very good readers.  And, in July 2008, I moved to New Delhi. It gave me wonderful time to read books. I started cultivating the habit slowly. But I was irregular. As a fan of carnatic music, it happened for me follow Mr Sanjay Subramanyham's website. There, the best thing that happened for me was the Book Read Challenge he had posted from I too registered my self with 10 book that year (though it is low, but I felt it is good a number to start with). And today, I have read around 40 books. I don't take pride in those numbers. But I realized I do can read novels, auto-biographies, short stories, spiritual books and most importantly they help me realize my self. Though I was initially tempted, but one thing I have so far avoided was self-help/management books - again inspired from a note (with wisdom) on a casual chat with a friend Muthu Kumaran. Now, in Korea, in April 2013 I have good time. To a certain extent I am have made good use of my time in reading books. Going forward I long to read more books on various topics. And, one person who constantly encouraged me was my beloved grand mother Srimathi Saraswathi Subramanian. Till her teenage she was a very good reader. But post marriage, her reading got limited to magazines. I am glad I rekindled her interest in books and reopened her windows and give her good number of Tamil books.

Things in my Shelf are : Ramayana, Mahabharatha, Thuppariyum Sambu, The Idiot, Paths of Glory, etc

Wishing that my self grows as I grow.

துன்பத்திற்கு இடம் கொடேல்.
Meaning: Don't allow sadness to occupy you