September 17, 2016

En route to Luxembourg where Next Adventure begins


I am thrilled to start the next voyage in my career and life. I am heading to Luxembourg where I will work for Amazon as Sr.Product Manager in their Retail Leadership Development Program!

With lots of hopes, dreams, ambition and perseverance, I landed in this country USA - a typical destination for many middle class Indians. I joined the BYU MBA program which turned out to be the best investment I've made in my career. In this program I met many fabulous people and made life time friends. However, it has also been a journey of many ups-n-down and uncharacteristic self doubts. I am glad that I was resolute and stayed there.

I wished I could stay here for some more time. However, life has different plans in store for me. Amazon-Luxembourg was the only non-USA job I had applied only because it is Amazon. Fortunately, I got the job offer in their Retail Leadership Development Program. In early October, I will begin my new career.

As I leave this truly diverse country, I carry, incredible friends, fond memories n stories and many invaluable lessons. I am sure I would come back after a while for another stint here. Until then Good Bye to all my friends here and I will stay in touch!

I like to take this opportunity to thank many people who helped me unconditionally. The list is really long and I apologize if I miss anyone. I learnt at least one thing from every official/unofficial Sherpa or mentor or BYU alum. Thank you BYU MBA Class of 2016, 2015, BYU MBA Network, my core Team 6 of first semester, my core Team 8 and Adobe Field Study Team of second semester and my all other teams viz Brand, A/c Mgmt etc.,. Big shout-out to Abhishek Reddy, Andrew Kinji Watanabe,@Anil.Dhawan (Meetup mentor), Austin Bagley, Austin Johansen, Christie Clark Rasmussen, Danner Banks, Gary K Rhoads, Meghan Whalen, Nirmal Ganesh, Reid Clark, and Sravya Vankayalapati Susarla. Thanks to Angel-Sheila Martinez, Brady David Leavitt, @Chetan Prasad, Chetan Zawar, Dave Crosby, Elena Samuels, John Peterson, Jorge Omar Ramirez, Julia Tian Mann, @Kari Ann Sewell, Lahari Prabha(for showing the path of Amazon Europe), Mark Nugent, Scott K. Christofferson, Sreekanth Rajoli Raichur and so many others. :)

And apologies to many as I couldn't call you to inform before my departure because I got my visa only yesterday while my USA visa expires tomorrow.

நான் வருவேனு சொல்லு! திரும்பி வருவேன்னு .. 20-25 மாசத்துக்கு முன்னால எப்படி போனாரோ ..ராஜேஷ் அப்படியே திரும்பி வருவேன்னு சொல்லு!!

Love you all!!

Warm Regards

September 16, 2016

M.S. Subbulakshmi 100

When I started listening seriously to Carnatic Music / Indian Classical music, in 2007, I was listening to multiple sources/musicians. It was like a cat running in a closed dark room trying to find a way out. My violin guru Shri Babu advised me to listen to @M.S.Subbulakshmi. I followed it blindly falling more in love with the music. Her music is so simple which IMO is very difficult to achieve. Her music is so spiritual with 100% Bhakti. Not to forget her perfect diction in any language that she sung in. If anyone listens to her music they can easily sing it along. She showed that one can attain Brahman (immortality) by Bhakti, hardwork and simple way of life irrespective of the birth (here her devdasi birth(no offense)). #MSS100 #birthCentenaryYear #MSSubbulakshmi #Inspiration